As a Christ-centred, evangelical church, GodFirst Church Midrand exists to help people get and keep God first in their lives. Our church is elder-led with focus placed on our four primary core values. 

  • Gospel-Centered
  • Disciple-Making
  • Mission-Focused
  • Spirit-Empowered

Our church operates from Summerhill International College in Midrand; where we host passionate services in a welcoming and friendly environment, suitable for all.

Volunteer Staff Team 

  • Jac. Leads the team and just gives everyone a hard time!
  • Fran. Is our excellent Next Gen Ministry Leader. She is a machine and our secret strategist!
  • Ashleigh. Is our database and stats manager. There is nothing too difficult for her! 
  • Amanda. Is our Care Co-ordinator and Integration Administrator. Big title. We know. But she just can’t help loving everyone!


Advance is a movement of churches partnering together to advance the Gospel through planting and strengthening churches. Churches partnering (Phil 1:5) and leaders partnering (2 Cor 8:23) enables the Gospel to advance deeper and wider.

The name Advance is a practical way of describing our partnership, and expresses our primary purpose of taking new ground for the Gospel in cities and nations. New Testament partnership seemed to primarily be around four things in which we aspire to partner: Similar Doctrine, Shared Mission, Genuine Relationship and Recognised Leadership.

By name and by nature

We wanted a name that would provoke believers to energetic devotion to God, whilst giving everyone a snapshot of what it means to be a Christ-follower - GodFirst. Oswald Smith writes:

"Does God come first in my life or does business hold the supreme place? Is it God first or pleasure? God first or money? God first or family? Do they come first or does God? What then are the terms of discipleship? Let me give the answer in just two words: God first. And if I could, I would put them on a banner in the sight of every congregation in the world - GOD FIRST."

Who leads GodFirst Church Midrand?

GodFirst Church Midrand is headed up by Jac and Megan Adamo who have been married since 1992 and have 3 children. Entering full time ministry in the late 1990s; Jac has been significantly involved in various areas of church planting, ministering and leadership.

Jac Adamo

Jac acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Military Science and went on to study as a minister through various courses for pastoring, church planting and leadership presented by his denomination, New Frontiers and Advance. Jac is currently completing a Masters Degree in Applied Theology.