Jac & Megan Adamo



They lead the team. Jac is the full-time Pastor. Megs runs her own small business and works part-time for a firm of Dieticians in Bryanston.

They have 3 kids: Melissa is studying Sports Science at Tuks (UP) and has entered her honours year in Biokinetics. Darren is home after doing a gap year in the UK as a tutor last year. He started at Tuks (UP) this year studying Humanities. James is in Matric this year. Jac & Megs oversee the Core Group of leaders in the church.

Keith & Carin Cunningham



Keith is an Airline Pilot. Carin is a Physiotherapist and runs her own practice. They have a daughter, Lisa and a boy, Albert. Together they oversee the Serving Team leaders. Carin is also the church Administrator.  



Mike & Barbara Townsend



Mike works for Eskom as an Occupational Health and Safety Manager. Barbara is a qualified Nursing Sister and works for a team of medical specialists in Sunninghill.

They are the proud grandparents to Zachary. Their daughter Kirsty is married to Kyle and they live in East London. Their son, Brandon is based in Somerset West and works as a Youth Pastor. He’s married to Michelle. Mike & Barbara oversee the team of Small Group leaders. Mike is also our Sunday Operations Specialist.

Wilson & Sifiso


These two were married in December last year! Wilson is a Lawyer and works for Engels & Volker currently as an Intern Estate Agent.

Sifiso is a Civil Engineer and will be completing her Masters part-time over the next two years. They lead a Life Group and oversee all things related to making our Sunday gatherings relevant, vibrant, warm and inviting to all.


Brad & Fran Brims



They lead our exciting Kids Ministry. Brad & Fran have two little ones: Mason & Zoey. Brad has a BSc in Microbiology and currently works as a Project Manager for Gear Group. Fran has a BCom (Hons) in Financial Management and runs her own Accounting business looking after some UK based businesses.

Together they also help to keep us all outward looking and meaningfully engaged with the wider Midrand community.